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Solar Shingles vs. Solar panels: Best methods and considerations

Jul 24

The launch of solar shingles has led to a debate with solar energy consumers: solar shingles in comparison to. solar panels. Solar shingles were first made available in 2005, but have been available only recently to the public for home installation. The solar shingles are available for homeowners to choose from for those who want to opt for solar. We've collected the top concerns to be aware of when deciding whether to go with solar panels or shingles. Each solar panel has its own advantages and disadvantages.

What Are Solar Shingles?

Solar shingles are small-scale , lightweight panels that can be permanently attached to the roof of a home. They are also known as solar roof tiles or solar roofs. Solar shingles function similarly to solar panels that use the photovoltaic panels to generate solar energy. They need to be connected to an inverter in order to operate off or on the grid.


Are Solar Shingles More Expensive than Solar Panels?

Since the year 2011, the price of solar roof tiles has dropped since their first public installation. They are now about 50% of what they were originally. However, they remain quite expensive when compared with solar panels. Phoenix solar estimates that a solar roofing system will cost $21.5 per square foot. The total cost for a roof for the area of a home that is 1,700 square feet will be $36,550, including installation charges. Rebates and tax incentives offered by the federal government can reduce this cost. If you are interested in exact pricing.


A new solar system is comparable to a home renovation because solar panels increase a home's value.. Based on historical research, homes that have PV systems are able to be sold for up to $15,000 more than homes that do not have PV systems. This is the case for solar shingles and solar panels. Studies have also shown that PV systems sell more quickly than other homes. This advantage can be integrated into the overall cost of the system homeowners who conduct an analysis of cost-benefit.


Longer Lifespan

According to solar panels north Las vegas installers, you shouldn't have to replace the solar shingles for 30 years. Solar panels are shorter in lifespan of about 20 to 25 years. But, solar shingles have not been in the market for long enough to test their longevity accurately.

Environmental Impact

Whether you choose solar tiles or solar panels going solar is a great option to support the environment. Solar panels use renewable energy to power homes and businesses. The world will become less dependent on fossil fuels as more people switch to solar energy. The choice of solar shingles could help perpetuate the trend, as more houses are bought and sold with a pre-installed solar roof. Always choose Advosy Energy for the best solutions for your needs every step of the way.


Polished Appearance

One reason to choose solar shingles vs solar panels is their modern appearance. Solar shingles blend seamlessly with the style of the roof. These solar shingles are built to blend into the surrounding and mimic the appearance of asphalt shingles. Anyone who wants to use solar power but do not want the look of solar panels will appreciate this a huge advantage. The colors available for solar shingles are blue and black.


Are solar Shingles suitable for me?

Now is the time to weigh the benefits and the costs for yourself. If you're an individual who is always current with the latest technological advances solar roof tiles might be the best option for you. The popularity of solar roofs is predicted to grow. Solar panels are the most suitable choice if you're in search of solar power, but don't think about appearance or are looking for an option that is more affordable. Any option you choose will put you in a great position to power your home or business using solar energy.

Switch on the Switch

If you have questions about your solar options, please contact us right now. North las vegas energy is a solar panel certified installer within the North las vegas area. Switch to solar today.

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